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The Colonel’s Story

The Colonel’s Story

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FLAGLER BEACH —Retired Army Colonel Lloyd Freckleton and wife Deborah Underneath the host of medals on Lloyd Freckleton’s Army uniform is a scar on his left chest that was not from his service in the Gulf War or Vietnam, but from a new battle in which he’s enlisted.

Feckleton had planned a typical day of golf with his buddies when he Freckleton rolled over to get out of bed and felt something “strange” as his arm brushed against his left chest. With his right hand, he examined it more closely and thought “it feels like a lump.”

He took a shower and went on to play golf. The next day he told his wife he’d wait for his regularly scheduled appointment in a few weeks to check it out. She put her foot down and scheduled an appointment for the same day.

A mammogram followed soon after, then a biopsy and news earlier this year that he had breast cancer. Within weeks of finding the lump, he had a mastectomy removing his left breast and four lymph nodes.

The retired Army colonel and former New York Department of Corrections warden now carries the title of breast cancer survivor.

Freckleton, a Flagler Beach resident who also serves on the board of trustees at Daytona State College, is part of Florida Hospital’s Pink Army program helping fellow comrades in the war against breast cancer. As a “Pink Army Soldier,” his photo in his Army uniform will be on postcards mailed to thousands of homes in Flagler County to educate residents about breast cancer and screening mammogram.

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