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  • Study: Men’s breast cancer tumor types differ

    Study: Men’s breast cancer tumor types differ

    Men’s breast cancer differs in some ways from women’s, new research finds. One important difference is in the rates of survival. The study found that while survival for men with breast cancer has improved, it hasn’t kept pace with the strides made in treating breast cancer in women. “Although we saw a significant improvement in overall survival for ma...

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  • Researchers at TSU hope vaccine can cure breast cancer

    A Tennessee State University scientist and a group of researchers from Washington University School of Medicine at St. Louis have come up with an experimental vaccine for breast cancer that appears to be safe in a preliminary trial. According to a study published in Clinical Cancer Research, Dr. Venkataswarup Tiriveedhi, assistant professor of Biological ...

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  • Analysis of mouse models of breast cancer

    Analysis of mouse models of breast cancer

    To more readily study mechanisms leading to breast cancer, research has turned to the mouse as a model. Mouse models of breast cancer have employed various methods of initiation, including mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV) infection, chemical mutagenesis and genetically engineered mice (GEM). Read More    

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  • Warning! Your job can cause breast cancer

    Breast cancer is frequently talked about as if it mysteriously comes out of the blue to attack. But even when women have a known heightened risk for the disease because of a specific gene they carry, only some will actually develop breast cancer. Obviously, breast cancer must be triggered by something other than bad luck or genes alone. Now a study just p...

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    Director George Lucas

    The well-respected creator of the much loved Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchise is widely rumored to have received treatment for breast cancer. While we couldn’t confirm, it is well documented that he is a huge supporter of breast cancer research, and Stand Up To Cancer for the cause. SU2C-Star Wars

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