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Study: Men’s breast cancer tumor types differ

Study: Men’s breast cancer tumor types differ

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Men’s breast cancer differs in some ways from women’s, new research finds.

One important difference is in the rates of survival. The study found that while survival for men with breast cancer has improved, it hasn’t kept pace with the strides made in treating breast cancer in women.

“Although we saw a significant improvement in overall survival for male breast cancer patients over time, the prognosis for men with breast cancer has not been improving as much as for women with the disease,” Dr. Fatima Cardoso, director of the breast unit at the Champalimaud Cancer Center in Lisbon, Portugal, said in a news release from the American Association for Cancer Research.

“This is largely because male breast cancer is a rare disease — it accounts for just 1 percent of breast cancers — and we know very little about its biology and how best to treat patients,” Cardoso said.

In the new study, Cardoso and her team followed more than 1,800 men with breast cancer. The men were diagnosed between 1990 and 2010 and they were treated at 23 medical centers in nine countries. The average age of men at diagnosis was almost 69 years old, the study reported.

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