The fact is that when a celebrity makes the news for having breast cancer, awareness of this disease is raised and more women are likely to get screened. The number one risk factor for breast cancer is being a woman. It doesn’t care how famous or how rich you are so it’s important you take care of your health. Each of these breast cancer celebrity survivors have taken the time to speak about breast cancer in one forum or another. Whether it is in the songs they write, the organizations they represent or the bills they try to push through congress, they are involved. Their celebrity status in this case is helping all of us to push for a cure for breast cancer, breast cancer awareness and early detection.

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Director Josh Fox, Fracking and Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is uniquely frightening. Almost everyone knows someone who’s had it, and too many of us know someone it’s killed. More than 40,000 Americans died of breast cancer last year alone — more than were killed in traffic accidents. Many of the dead are young mothers.

So what are we to think of someone who irresponsibly rings a false alarm about breast cancer — simply to serve his own agenda?  Imagine someone telling people that they are living in an area where the chances of developing breast cancer are shockingly high; picture the alarm and worry.  Then imagine if that same person had made up the story — yet was getting cheers from Hollywood stars for telling it.

Stop imagining: Filmmaker Josh Fox has done just that.

Fox uses his films, which he calls documentaries, to crusade against fracking — which is a well-tested way of getting oil and natural gas from deep beneath the ground that’s nonetheless become a target for environmental hysteria.

He was heavily criticized for inaccuracies in “Gasland” — such as telling viewers that fracking makes water flammable. (He recently admitted that he knew that parts of America have had flammable water for decades before fracking, but decided not to include this information because it was “not relevant.”)  The film also painted Dimock, Pa., as the ground zero for polluted water caused by fracking. Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency joined every other major US regulatory agency to say that Dimock’s water is safe to drink.

But Fox’s latest film, “The Sky Is Pink,” sets a new low. It tells viewers theven as US cancer rates are falling, breast cancer is rising in the Barnett area of Texas because of pollution caused by fracking.

An Associated Press investigation found that Fox has absolutely no scientific evidence for this claim.  AP spoke to David Risser, an epidemiologist with the Texas Cancer Registry. He found no breast-cancer spike in Barnett. Simon Craddock Lee, a professor of medical anthropology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, also dismissed Fox’s claims.

Even Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the famous cancer-advocacy group, said it had seen no spike in breast cancer cases.

Confronted with these facts, Fox cited a press release from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that doesn’t support his claim, and a newspaper story that, Risser told AP, was “not based on a careful statistical analysis of the data.”

Frightening the public with a bogus breast-cancer scare is despicable. It may scare some families into moving away, or divert medical resources from areas with real problems. Faced with cancer experts telling him he’s wrong, it would be ethical to issue an apology and correction. But Fox has continued to make the claims, regardless of the science.

A corporation behaving like this would be out of business, with its executives looking at prison. But Josh Fox is being rewarded for his lies. HBO has a sequel to “Gasland.” And the Hollywood and environmental elites — Mark Ruffalo, Yoko Ono, Debra Winger, Robert Redford, Bill McKibben and Robert Kennedy — are supporting him. All are silent about Josh Fox’s despicable lie about breast cancer.

Hollywood Bowl Charity Show
Katy Perry and some of her favorite artists Sara Bareilles, Ellie Goulding, Tegan & Sara and Kacey Musgraves will take over the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, Calif. for a special concert benefitting the Young Survival Coalition on Wednesday, Oct. 23. “These are all very powerful women that I really respect and look up to,” Perry told Carson Daly this morning on 97.1 AMP, “and I wanted them to come together to promote this supportive message and have a fantastic night full of great music. There’s so many great acts in this lineup. And I get to play a lot of songs off the record that will have come out the night before.” Tickets for “We Can Survive” go on sale Friday, Sept. 27 at 10:00 a.m. PT through Ticketmaster. Pre-sale for Citi Thank You card-members begins on Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 10:00 a.m. PT, including VIP packages with exclusive access to Katy’s pre-concert soundcheck. Proceeds from “We Can Survive” will go to support Young Survival Coalition, the premier global organization dedicated to the critical issues unique to young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. October marks National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the annual campaign to bring attention to, and share information on the disease. The “We Can Survive” concert, presented by Citi, will come one day after the release of Katy’s newest album, PRISM, featuring the smash No. 1 single “Roar.” To donate directly to Young Survival Coalition, head to the YSC site or text “SURVIVE” to 80888 to give a one-time donation of $10.
The top 5 tear-jerking movies with breast cancer plots
ALL OF THESE FILMS REQUIRE A BOX OF TISSUES Hollywood has its own interpretation of breast cancer in film. The top 5 tear-jerking movies with breast cancer plots often involve a dysfunctional family and lots of sadness. As we honor those who have battled breast cancer this month, here’s a look at how Hollywood has handled the breast cancer storyline on film. Get your hankies out, these are five films with tear-jerking breast cancer plots.
Michael Douglas and the BIG Cancer Lie
In a new revealing interview, the ‘Wall Street’ actor admitted that he was NOT telling the whole truth when he announced in August 2010 that he had stage IV throat cancer. So why did he lie? Really, Michael Douglas? The 69-year-old actor shocked the world in August 2010 when he revealed that he had advanced-stage throat cancer. But on Oct. 10, more than three years later, he made another revelation — that he actually had tongue cancer! Michael admitted that he knowingly deceived the press and public about his health during an interview with Samuel L. Jackson on a Male Cancer Awareness special edition of the UK talk show This Morning. “This was right before I had on a big tour for Wall Street, so we kind of said there’s no way we can cancel the tour and say we don’t feel well,” Michael told Samuel. “You’ve got to tell them. I said you’ve just got to come out and just tell them I’ve got cancer and that’s it.” But Michael says his doctors warned him that he may not want to reveal that he had a disease with such a negative prognosis, especially on the heels of a huge movie press tour:
Amy Robach Reveals Breast Cancer News
7:51 AM PST 11/11/2013 by Hilary Lewis The wife of “Melrose Place” alum Andrew Shue announced her diagnosis on Monday’s “Good Morning America,” where she previously underwent the test that detected the disease. ABC News correspondent Amy Robach has breast cancer, she announced on Monday’s Good Morning America. “I had been putting it off for a year, between traveling around the world for work and running around with my kids to school and ballet and gymnastics. Like so many women, I’d just kept pushing it off,” she explained in a video that aired on the ABC morning show Monday.
Divinyls track "I Touch Myself" becomes breast cancer anthem
Last year, Australian rock diva Chrissy Amphlett, of the Divinyls, died from breast cancer. ‘I Touch Myself’ was their biggest hit and touched millions of fans around the world. #itouchmyselfproject brought together 10 of Australia’s leading female music artists to turn Chrissy’s song about female self-love into an anthem for breast cancer to inspire a new generation of women to touch themselves.

The campaign site is both a breast cancer awareness message and a tribute to Chrissy’s legacy – a snapshot of her place in history and a message to inspire women to self-examine and catch the disease early. Designed around the centrepiece of the campaign, the music video, the site puts content first with a minimalist interface and a single highlight colour, sampled from the original I Touch Myself music video.

Melissa Etheridge fights to legalize Medical Marijuana in NY
June 16, 2014 at 11:38 AM
Melissa Etheridge comes to Syracuse this week, but first she’s lobbying Albany to legalize medical marijuana.

The 53-year-old singer-songwriter tells the New York Daily News that medical marijuana helped her with her stage 2 breast cancer, relieving nausea and pain.

“As a cancer survivor, I know the ravages of a serious illness, and patients who are suffering deserve access to a medication that can provide them relief,” she said in a statement. “It’s time for leaders in Albany to listen to the people of New York and to show some compassion to those who are suffering needlessly; it’s time for them to pass the Compassionate Care Act.”

According to the newspaper, Etheridge asked fans to sign a petition in favor of the cause at her concert in Albany Saturday. She also told fans she now has an apartment in New York City and considers the state her “second home.”

State lawmakers are currently in negotiations about pot for medicinal use, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo has yet to say if he supports the Compassionate Care Act.

“I support the concept of medical marijuana,” Cuomo said. However, he reportedlystill has concerns with the legislation, such as penalties for those who fraudulently seek or prescribe the drug and trimming down the list of health conditions in the bill that would qualify for weed.

New York State Sen. John DeFrancisco, R-Syracuse, said last week he would not take up the legislation in the Senate Finance Committee, but Cuomo insisted Friday the bill is “not dead” yet. Talks are continuing, but the current session is scheduled to end Thursday.
Etheridge, who married “Nurse Jackie” co-creator Linda Wallem earlier this month, has four children. Her new solo album is due in stores this September.