Chris Geiger

Chris Geiger won the ‘Columnist of the Year’ award in 2011, an event sponsored by EDF Energy, for his light-hearted newspaper columns, publicizing the disease and cancer charities.

Other projects to raise awareness include writing a newspaper feature on World Cancer Day, in which he received a Guinness World Record for ‘Most Published Newspaper Article’. The Cancer Survivors Club is his latest literary project to inspire and encourage everyone touched by cancer.

Chris Geiger had to endure two years of cancer treatment, which included a number of operations, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant before he was finally in remission.

The Cancer Survivors Club
The Cancer Survivors Club
ManMade Breast Cancer
ManMade Breast Cancer

Zillah Einstein

A new understanding of humanity and feminism from the starting point of breast health is the ultimate goal of Zillah Eisenstein’s political memoir of her family’s experience with breast cancer. The well-known feminist author argues that politics always needs the personal, and that the personal is never enough on its own. Her return to the personal side of the political combines the two for a radicalized way of seeing, viewing, and knowing. She uses the term “manmade” to indicate not only industrial carcinogens and other cultural causes, but also the male-dominated and -defined scientific practices of research and treatment.

Britta Aragon

Britta Aragon, natural beauty expert, author and entrepreneur, discovered her passion for promoting safe self-care through her experience as a caregiver during her father’s eight-year battle with cancer. A survivor herself of Hodgkin’s Disease at the age of 16, she sought solutions for the difficult side effects her father suffered on his hair, skin and nails, but was disheartened by the lack of straightforward information or effective products. Even when she tried products specifically touted for “sensitive skin,” they were often laden with potentially harmful chemicals that actually irritated her father’s fragile skin. For the first time, she became acutely aware of how devastating the side effects from drugs and medical treatments could be. Inspired and determined to help others, she founded Cinco Vidas in 2008, and dedicated her work to her father’s legacy.

When Cancer Hits
When Cancer Hits

Additional Reading

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A former journalist and college professor, Willis delivers a moving memoir of his struggle with breast cancer, shining a light on a diagnosis that is given to approximately 2,000 men each year.

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Warm, reassuring, and practical advice for surviving breast cancer-from someone who was there.

Patricia Kelly, Ph. D.

The first book to give women the tools they need to realistically assess their risk of getting breast cancer–and choose the best course of action.