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8 Everyday Chemicals That Cause Breast Cancer

8 Everyday Chemicals That Cause Breast Cancer


In the United States, breast cancer is deadlier for women than any other type of cancer except lung cancer. In 2010, about 41,000 women in the U.S. died from cancer of the breast.

A recent study published in Environmental Health Perspectives concluded that certain prenatal chemical exposures may significantly increase the risk of breast cancer later in life.

These chemicals include the pesticides atrazine and methoxychlor, bisphenol A used in plastics and water bottles, and PFOA, used in nonstick cookware and carpets. Also implicated are dioxin, dibutyl phthalate, nonylphenol, and PBDEs. These chemicals are found in various consumer products and in various air and water pollutants. 

Because of these dangers, researchers recommend avoiding exhaust fumes, stain-resistant rugs, fabrics, and furniture, and using a water filter which blocks carbon.

Russell Blaylock, M.D., one of America’s most prominent holistic medical doctors, has seen breast cancer rates rise over time, and become more aggressive and deadly. Because of his concern over this dangerous trend, Dr. Blaylock has created a free informative video presentation to help women and their loved ones recognize the common factors that could activate or trigger breast cancer. 

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