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  • Managing Breast Cancer During The Holidays

    Managing Breast Cancer During The Holidays

    While the holidays are a time to celebrate with family and friends, the season can quickly go from joyful to stressful for women and men with breast cancer. Whether trying to juggle holiday responsibilities or struggling with social expectations when feeling anything but festive, you and your loved ones can find this time of year challenging and end up fe...

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  • Healthcare 2.0?

    “This next generation of healthcare startup is first and foremost adopting a business to consumer model that can lead to business-to-business monetization. Successful companies are also combining premium services with extreme convenience, engaging social networks and communities, and experimenting with information coming from the proliferation of we...

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  • Self Blame – Don’t Go There

    Self Blame – Don’t Go There

    When something “bad” happens to us, we often second-guess the reasons. Eight years ago, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, the first thing I did was start beating myself up. I must have “caused” this disease myself. In my mind, I went over a litany of things I could have done wrong, a list that escalated as I learned more and...

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