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For many, Cancer is a long-term condition. Even with full recovery and a healthier lifestyle; medication and various side effects can collide with the tacit threat that a return of the disease can manifest years later. This can make the challenge for survival daunting. Explore the incredibly uplifting and life-affirming stories from survivors and be encouraged to live cancer free!

Search for New Treatments

Much of Breakthrough’s research aims to find new breast cancer treatments. The hope is that, in the future, patients won’t have to rely on harsh treatments such as chemotherapy. Instead, they will receive drugs which specifically target their cancer’s weakness, meaning more effective treatments with fewer side effects. The next revolution in cancer therapy has arrived.

Celebrity Survivors

With nearly 200,000 people diagnosed each year as having breast cancer, the disease touches many of us. There’s an army of famous faces who have faced down the often deadly odds that breast cancer delivers. But these celebrities fought a good fight and came out on top! To honor their courage, we celebrate them and spotlighting their journey in our “PinCelebs” corner.

Breast Cancer Research and Treatment

Research into the causes, prevention, and treatment of breast cancer is being done in many medical centers throughout the world.


PinC TV.com was created to serve the breast cancer community with a multiplex purpose in mind. To link information from the health, research, and technology communities and unite them in shared peer support with individuals, families and friends who are faced with this disease. PinCTV.com is designed to be a part of elevating the breast cancer community and a compelling source for everyone to feel actively motivated in pursuing their best life.

Our purpose is to drive content, exchange energy and embrace more voices . Ultimately, we want each visitor to the site to know that they are not alone in their fight to overcome and survive this disease. We believe that staying informed, staying active, and staying healthy are the core components in fighting and preventing cancer and improving the quality of our lives.

What To Watch

For Men With Breast Cancer

“I’ve had a few men say to me, “But that’s a woman’s disease!” and I’ve replied, “No it’s not, you could get it too”.

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